Hello!  My name is Anna-Louise Wolfe.  I am an interior designer, former art historian, dog lover, and appreciator of beautifully, healthfully, & responsibly made things.

From an early age, I have loved to design and create.  As a young girl, I spent hours rearranging my bedroom furniture as well as restyling our entire family home, and I would make colorful collages of clippings from home design & decor magazines that would function as blue prints for the houses that I dreamed that I would one day decorate.  My passion and love for design, art, and beauty propelled me into studying art history.  I have been particularly inspired by the Northern Renaissance and the Dutch Golden Age both of which display rich colors, beautiful light, and close attention to detail. 

Whether a traditional Georgian, modern loft, or small boutique, my goal is to bring architecture and my client's personality together into beautifully designed space that is curated for them. Inspired by the past, my interiors lean more traditional while bringing in modern elements to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional.  I enjoy mixing pieces from different periods that work together to achieve a design that looks like it has naturally evolved over time.  I believe that people truly embody the warmth and comfort of a home; making your home an environment that you enjoy spending time in improves your overall well being.  I love connecting personally with individuals and families in order to create beautiful spaces that are unique to them and their daily lifestyle. 

My passion for people and beauty has enabled me to serve clients throughout the Southeast. 

Thank you for inviting me into your home!